Songwriter, a story of a heart

With tender and direct words, he gives us the authenticity in song. A song with a social critical tendency, it is above all to the sincerity of lived events, in its own style. Fortunately Daniel Desjardins is Daniel Desjardins and no one will ever complain.

The musical adventure began in 1991 with “La bande à Laurent”. A group of joyful characters with Hugues Cauvier on electric guitar, Laurent Desrochers on bass and Frédéric Lebrasseur on drums. It was with them that Daniel Desjardins masters the acoustic guitar, vocals and harmonica. With a wide range of style from Edith Piaf to Black Sabbath, they perform in several cities and events. The group dissolved and Daniel Desjardins decided to continue solo. As he sings life through his own, he will surround himself with a chorus and companion musicians throughout his career. And even today, it is with them that he feels at ease.

We can see it through his first album “Société” released in March 1993. With a sharp and conscious eye, he conveys his vision of society. Sometimes with humor, sometimes with sensitivity accompanied by a music with sounding Folk.

In May 1993, following the contest “Les mercredis de la chanson” organized by the bar team “Chez Son Père”, Daniel Desjardins was crowned singer-songwriter of the 1992-93 edition. A trophy is given to him by Raymond Lévesque. The following year, he found himself again bound to Raymond Lévesque. Since he made his first part in March of this year 1994 again at “Bar Chez Son Père”. In September 1995, this time it is in Charlevoix for the event “Rêve d’automne” that he makes his first part again.

L’Estival JuniArt, which takes place in the summer of 1993, is a festival intended to highlight the talent of some artists from Québec City. Daniel Desjardins and the group “Chanson à vendre” of which he also participates performs at different venues during the festival.

In July 1994, during the show of Dan Bigras at the Agora du Vieux-Port, Daniel Desjardins performed in the first part replacing Stephen “Cassonade” Faulkner.

This time, in March 1996, his second album was born and “Critique Sociable” was launched at the bar “Le théâtre des fourberies” in Quebec City. A synergy of musicians makes us discover more about the author. Several themes are dealt with with passion and interests such as incest, life in bars, homosexuality and even a certain cynical look on the suburban life. As well as other subjects that affect him just as much.

For fifteen years, Daniel Desjardins did not remain inactive. He creates and performs in various events. Since he has other goals to achieve, he does not leave the stage totally but get on stage more rarely. By 2015, the taste of lighting the spotlight again calls him. He decides to produce an album of the songs accumulated over the years. It is in his Studio (“Studio 299”) of Vallée-Jonction that he creates and refines the selected musical selections. “Les 12 travaux de Daniel Desjardins” is ready to be heard.

His third album is scheduled to be released in early 2018. The album will reflect hard and passionate work. The author even allows himself to be at the helm of the bar over all the instruments on certain parts. The texts are polished with a beautiful sound. As the artist matures, so does his music. The rhythms blends in symbiosis with the words. He would like to highlight the contribution of his faithful companion Denys Dufresne, outstanding arranger and sound technician. In addition to being a virtuoso of the guitar, it is together that they will present this new material. Without forgetting his always compares Lizon Clavet to the electric vocal cords.

I present to you an artist ready for anything and who fully assumes his character and faults. In all sensitivity …

Here’s … Daniel Desjardins!